Monday, April 16, 2012


Our Cabell, such a handsome dog

Mowing the pasture is a great opportunity to let the dogs romp for some exercise while still being somewhat supervised. 

Cabell (front), Trooper (sitting), Zachary (right)
I took our four out first.  Cabell and Bremo love to go, but at 11 and 12 years old, they get their fill of exercise fairly soon.  Zachary will stay as long as he's with someone, and Trooper never leaves the front fence where he runs with every passing car.  I hate that behavior, because it's obsessive and it would prove fatal if he ever got out, but it's all he wants to do whenever he gets out to the pasture.  Fortunately the front fence is secure and he's never made an effort to get over, under, or through it.  Still, I prefer to be out there when Trooper is in the pasture, so he doesn't get out there unless I can go along.

After putting Cabell, Bremo, and Zachary back in the house, I brought Dixie and the new pup, Rex, out to the pasture with Trooper.  Dixie just latched onto Trooper.  She wasn't interested in chasing the cars, but she would chase Trooper.  Rex lives with Dixie but doesn't really play with her and he was rather intimidated by Trooper so he stuck pretty close to me.  That's nice in a way, but at this point I'd rather see Rex more engaged with other dogs.

Rex, very cute, big paws and thick legs.
He still has some growing to do.
Dixie in flight, trying to get Trooper to play with her.
The exercise had to be good for him, however, and when I stopped mowing and brought everyone back in, I left Rex in the dog yard with Lana and Hank for some more socialization.  Unfortunately, he's sort of like me at a party, he sits by himself and drinks a lot instead of talking to and playing with the other dogs. 

Not a great picture because I took it from the mower while in motion,
but this shows Rex (front left) engaged with Trooper (rear) and Dixie (right)


Lindsay said...

Rex totally looks like a big puppy in that picture! What a fluff!

BudsBuddy said...

Everyone can't be an extrovert. Those of us who are introverts learn to get along in the world somehow, and Rex probably will too. I just hope he doesn't hit the bottle too hard ;)