Friday, April 27, 2012

Smelly start to a beautiful day

The day started and ended pretty much the same way, with me scrubbing the floor in my office to remove the smell of dog poop.  Dixie broke out of her crate last night and had a bout of diarrhea on at least two of the dog beds in the office.  I discovered it first thing this morning, of course, when I came in to take her and Gigi outside.  I changed her food yesterday and it obviously had upset her system. 

On top of that she lapped up a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide that I had left in a bowl on my desk  where I had been soaking my thumb the night before after jabbing myself with the syringe that I had used to give Nero his injection.  Hydrogen peroxide is given to induce vomiting in dogs, and it did. 

I wiped up the major portion of the mess, washed the dog beds, and I'm leaving Dixie outside or in the shed tonight.

Other than that, and having too much work to do, it was a beautiful day.  I took Nero out for his pasture romp and did some mowing while he ran.  The buttercups are in bloom now, yellow flowers against the background of green spring grass, it's my favorite. 

Gigi ate for me again today, and I caught her doing a play bow with Zachary when they were all in the dog yard together this morning.  I also heard her bark for the first time.  I don't remember what it was about, maybe when they were all barking at something, but she's basically a very quiet girl. 

This isn't a really remarkable picture, except for the fact that all four of our dogs are in it.
L to R, Zachary, Trooper, Cabell, and Bremo

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