Monday, March 9, 2015

Care Bear

Bear is off a chain and indoors tonight.
Bear is another HOWS Project save. He came to us early this morning. The owner had finally agreed to give him up and when that happens, it's prudent to move quickly, lest he change his mind. You've got to get while the getting is good.
Bear checking out the smells on my
leg. It helps to smell like a lot of dogs.

He's a temporary foster (aren't they all), but this one has a permanent foster home to move to in a week and a possible adopter as well. He's just here for a short time, during which he will be neutered, and at least brushed.

He's off a chain and living indoors tonight, perhaps for the first time in his life. He spent the day in an outdoor kennel by himself and we haven't done introductions yet but probably will tomorrow. He seems like a nice guy and doesn't seem to have any problem with other dogs.
He looks like a bigger version of
our former foster, Charlie.

He sits and gives paw.
He's a big dog, the biggest rottweiler we've had in a long time. He's underweight right now but he's tall and well built. He will be spectacular when he's filled out.
He ignored my food at first, which is unusual
for a rottweiler, but after I added some canned
food he decided to eat it all. 

Tonight he's in a crate downstairs, and so far, so good.

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Byron's mom said...

What a sweetheart! Thank you for saving him!!