Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Coming attractions

I was contacted a few days back by VGSR about a call regarding an owner surrender from my area. I called the guy, who was barely coherent, and asked for pictures as a first step. A few days went by, nothing. Yesterday I got an email, also barely coherent, that didn't make any attempt to reference the prior phone call, but it came to me directly and also concerned a dog to be surrendered. I wrote back, again requesting pictures and got one. She's a senior girl, was said to be good with kids and dogs. The back story didn't make much sense, probably because they couldn't think fast enough to make up a good lie. Anyway, she looks like a nice girl and I've asked to meet her. There are people with VGSR who like to foster seniors, they are easy, low maintenance, and generally just grateful to have a place to curl up. We will see.

Then this evening, this dog, Sarge, gets posted on my wall with a request that I take him for Promises. He's a good looking, one year old male, said to be playful and goofy. I said yes immediately; those are generally easy placements except for the fact that he will need to be neutered first, he probably has no manners, and he's probably too rowdy for cats and young kids. We will see.

I spent most of the day working, but did get out for about 2.5 miles with Maya, Toquima, and the puppy, Felix. For as small as he is, Felix contributed more than his share of pulling on today's walk. He's just all over the place rather than being focused on walking the trail.

They all enjoyed it anyway, and this evening I took Max out for a quick two miles on the road. If he doesn't get his walk he starts getting really neurotic later in the day and he was making me crazy too.

Maya keeping watch while the boys sniff.
L to R: Maya, Felix, Toquima

When Felix would stay between them we moved
along pretty well, but he didn't stay in position.

Toquima and Maya on alert.

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