Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend wrapup

It doesn't seem that it was a very productive weekend, but it was a busy one.
Saturday morning I drove up to Gainesville for an adoption
event with Promises Animal Rescue. I took Felix along for
adoption prospects and Maya just came along for the ride.

He didn't have a clue about what was going on, but he enjoyed
all the people, the other dogs, the treats, and the training.

When we got back we went directly out to the
trails for a three mile hike.
In the evening, Maya and I went down to the James
River Brewery in Scottsville. I had a couple beers
and she worked the crowd for MilkBones.

On Sunday morning I finally connected with the guy who
wanted to surrender this girl to VGSR. She was in a
10x10 pen with a small house with no straw, and no water.
She was friendly so I knew I had to take
her out of there.

He claimed to have "found" the dog six months
ago. She has no name.
Back at our place in a kennel twice the size, full of straw,
and with a good shelter. She will be coming inside tonight.

She hopped into a crate in my van and
never looked back at the guy.

She gives soft kisses.

After getting back home with the new girl, I had to head into town on some errands, one of which took to Diesel's new home. He was happy to see me but he didn't want to leave his new home. He looks great, the treatment for demodex seems to be working, and most importantly, he seemed very happy.

Maya and Felix and accompanied me on my errands and
eventually we made it out for a short (2+ mile) hike.

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Byron's mom said...

I'm so glad you got that girl home with you! I don't understand why people get a dog if they don't want to make it part of their family. So glad she is safe with you now.