Friday, March 13, 2015

Meeting Bear

We got Bear on Monday. He got neutered on Wednesday. We kept him by himself the first day so he could get used to the surroundings and meet the cast with no pressure. He is occupying our largest crate in the house at night, and since the surgery for most of the day as well. I've been slowly introducing the other dogs, one-by-one, at random times and in different circumstances, but he's been good with everyone without exception.

Well, the one exception may be vet and staff at the clinic, but I just can't hold that against him. He hasn't been in a vet in years, probably not within his memory, so he's not accustomed to be poked in a rude manner, having blood sucked from him, or being stuck with needles. Rottweilers often are not fond of restraint, particularly by strangers. They have trust issues. Trust must be earned and then it will be issued.

The neuter went fine, but unfortunately, although not surprisingly, he tested positive for heartworms so it won't be Bear's last vet visit.
Meeting Daisy
His audience with the Queen, Maya.
With Max
With Trooper
Bear is a great looking dog, sort of a larger version of former foster Charlie and our late Molly. He's 94 pounds but is probably 20 pounds underweight. Part of that is due to whipworms, which we are treating now. I haven't got any real glamour shots of Bear yet. Most of them have been indoors with bad lighting, but I've been taking pictures of him meeting everyone. He even met the puppy today.

With Felix
He's lived outdoors so he often wants to go out.

He handled stairs like he's been doing it all his
life, which is unusual for an outdoor dog. Here he
is racing Max to the bottom.

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