Thursday, March 19, 2015

Winter's Last Walk

Today (Thursday) is the last full day of winter. We are due for rain on Friday so I got the dogs out for a final winter walk this afternoon. Max, Maya, and Daisy. It was cool and cloudy, not a pretty day so there were not a lot of people out. We encountered one guy on a mountain bike but otherwise had the trails to ourselves. I hadn't slept well the night before so I was low on energy, but walking brought some out of me from somewhere. I was shooting for five miles, but then went on to six, seven, and finally finished with eight miles. That was a pretty long walk with three dogs. Fortunately, there were no deer sightings. The trails are finally getting dried out with only a few muddy sections remaining, but of course it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

Winter is over and tick season is upon us. I found the first one on my leg when we got home. Time to break out the bug spray for me and the Frontline for the dogs.

After we got home, I had some things to do outside to prepare for the rain tomorrow, I fed the dogs, and then had a little playtime in the dog yard with Ochie, Barkley, Daisy, and visiting Toquima. Bear goes to his foster home tomorrow. I hope that Daisy will be getting adopted on Sunday, so its a good thing that we've got Toquima for two weeks, we might be getting short on dogs. I think I'll take Felix to a Promises adoption event on Saturday; I'd love to find him a home now too.

Toquima is with us for two weeks. He moved right in like
he always does. 

Ochie looking down at Barkely
Barkley looking up at Ochie

Daisy and Toquima

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