Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Only Way to Wear Fur

I was holding Max myself so I was too close
to get many pictures of him.
I attended VGSR's adoption event up in Gainesville today. It was great that it was finally warm enough that we could set up and be outside with the dogs. Max was the only VGSR foster I took, but I brought along Daisy, who is at least a shepherd, and the puppy, Felix.
He always gets a lot of looks at adoption events.

Max was hoping for and expecting a hike when I put him into the van this morning so he was disappointed but he did fairly well.  He's gorgeous, but he doesn't work the crowd the way some dogs do. He's just not a touchy feely kind of shepherd. I held him myself but put him back in the van after a couple hours because he had had enough.

Daisy was wonderful. She's really beginning to blossom. Being outside put her more at ease, I think; she had more room and didn't feel trapped. She let everyone touch her and she gave several people kisses. She also approached people on her own. She barked at one very large man, who was afraid of her, and I think the feeling was mutual. She's coming along and I'm more encouraged each time she's out.
Daisy is less shy each time I take her out.

I'm going to take Daisy to an obedience class starting on Tuesday, mostly for the socialization aspect of it. The folks who handled her today were impressed with her "sit", "down", and her ability to catch treats in the air. The dog knows more than she lets on.

Felix had a great time although he didn't have a clue about what was going on. There were people and dogs, and that's all it takes for him to have a good time. He barfed on the ride up there, but that's my fault for breaking my rule about not feeding dogs the morning of adoption events.

She offers her paw when she sits for a treat.
The best news is that I think I've found a home for Felix, assuming that they follow through with an application, but I think they will. They've been looking to adopt for a while and missed out on a couple dogs to other adopters from other rescue groups. They have two age-appropriate boys and it sounds like a good home. Paws crossed.

She looks like a kangaroo here, but
she's in the process of catching a treat
tossed to her from about 6' away.
Daisy downs as readily as she sits.

He even found an appropriate
spot to poop and pee.
Felix enjoyed the attention.

The only acceptable way to wear fur.

I look stupid but the dog is cute. He likes to be held
and he likes to be up high. At home he likes to sit on

my lap and look out the upstairs office window.

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Sue said...

I met those people that were interested in Felix. They seemed very nice. I think they lost out on 2 dogs with other rescues, but weren't too bummed about it.