Saturday, March 7, 2015

The big melt

The big melt is underway. What that really means is mud replacing the snow. Today, however, the trails were still mostly snow covered, although I expect things will be different very soon.

I got Sparky out with Maya because I've been neglecting him lately. He was happy to go, as always. My arms, shoulders, and back couldn't handle two dogs pulling on me today the way that Maya and Max had yesterday, so I attached the two dogs together so I only had to hold one leash and that I attached to my belt. The end result was them pulling me forward without my arms doing so much work to hold them back. It worked pretty well and we did seven miles.

When I got home I took Max, Barkley, Ochie, Daisy, and Trooper out to the pasture. I didn't get any pictures of Trooper because, as usual, he just ran out to the front fence to bark at the neighbor's dog and run the fence line with cars going up the road. I hate that and I don't take him out there often because of it, but I didn't have another hike in me today and he needed to get some exercise.

Daisy didn't stay out long. I let the puppy, Felix, out in the yard with me while I was mixing a barrel full of new foster food from recent donations. He's getting a bit more adventurous on his own outside, and he's finding his voice inside. I heard him bark for the first time last night. It's like a new toy that he's playing with.

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