Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Arrives

Maya walking with Felix today.
That last snow was more than we expected and certainly more than most of us wanted, but it warmed up right afterwards and began to melt. The river is high from all the melted snow and the rain that fell over the past few days. The ground was already saturated so anything that falls just runs until it reaches the river. The trails are muddy, our yard is muddy, and the dogs have been tracking it in for days.
It was the puppy's first walk and he
enjoyed it.

It's a lab thing - it never occurs
to him that another dog wouldn't
want to be his friend.
House cleaning happened today. The doors and windows were opened and we got a complete exchange of air. Dried mud that had turned to dust was vacuumed to the extent possible. All the dog bedding was washed and for the moment at least, the smell of wet dog is gone.

We walked about 1.5 miles, far enough for his
first hike and far enough for Maya who was
 fasting today because her guts were grumbling
this morning.
He approached this cut log as if he
was uncertain about what it was.
Everything is new to a puppy.
The door that we use most of the time is on the north side of the house. Snow and ice accumulates there and it stays because the area nearest the house never gets any direct sun. It's winter's last refuge and it's right outside our door. I've been watching it melt this week but even this morning there were still a few patches of ice on the ground. Late this afternoon it was down to a very small spot of ice in the bottom of a footprint just off the edge of the boardwalk. I pissed on it and it was gone. Spring has come.

Felix's intended adoption fell through today, and I'm glad it did. I had written the adopters about setting up a time for Saturday and since they did not currently have a dog, I reminded them about what it means to have a puppy. Although he's a good one, puppies poop, pee, and chew -- it's just inevitable. They must have taken my warning to heart and decided that they didn't really have the time to devote to him. I'd rather they change their mind now than after a few days, weeks, or months from now. I'll take Felix to an adoption event on Saturday and we'll try again.

After a short walk with Felix and Maya, I took Max out alone for another three miles. I've been walking him and Maya together and he pulls like a draft horse normally. But today, on his own, he really didn't pull at all. A lot of that must be due to competition to be out front. We had a pleasant walk. He has grown to be a pretty good trail dog.

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