Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Diesel in his new home

It's no secret that I became more attached to Diesel than I usually allow myself to be. Partly it's the whole getting lost trauma that we had on his first night, christmas eve, and all the time we spent so close together after that. It's also all the medical stuff, foot soaking, and constant poo monitoring. But mostly it was Diesel's personality, which is as big as he is. He's a big dog in every way, but his personality is really he's biggest characteristic.
Diesel curled up on the rug. That's a heated floor
underneath, so I know he's very comfortable.

He went to a good home and his post-adoption experience has proven it to be all that I could have asked for.

That's one of Diesel's two new canine siblings
in the rear. Everyone gets along.
He saw a doggie dermatologist just two days after adoption, who diagnosed him with demodex. That surprised me somewhat because he didn't really have what I'd consider to be a classic presentation of that disease, but what do I know. Hopefully that will resolve the skin problem at least. His new owner has a walk-in shower making the medicated baths a breeze.  He's being watched closely for any and all medical issues.

Diesel goes to work with his new owner, who is a realtor, and he gets to travel around quite a bit looking at real estate. He was also quite a hit at the office.

I didn't doubt that Diesel would bond with his new person, because he had bonded with me and with his prior owner before that. True to form, Diesel is attached to and even protective of his new owner.  And I'm happy to say that it's an entirely mutual, reciprocal bond.

Diesel playing with adopter in the snow.
Thanks to Bill Sublette for this and the following snow pics.

"You're not going anywhere without me!"


Llance said...

It warms my shriveled old heart to read this.

Caroline Grassi said...

This makes me happy

Byron's mom said...

There has to be no better feeling than receiving pictures and updates like this! How great to know you saved a life and found Diesel a great home! Thanks so much for sharing all that you do! It's very inspiring! Hugs to you!