Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Clearing off the camera

There are several more Felix pictures,
just because he's cute.
I've got quite a few pictures on my phone I'm wanting to clear off. They are ones I had taken but never used in a blog post because they didn't fit, were redundant, or whatever. But there were several that I liked so I'm putting them here to preserve them while making space on my phone.
Maya, after a walk.

Maya and Trooper sharing the bed under my desk.

Felix moved in on Gigi's spot.

Maya the party girl, at the bar.

Daisy and Maya playing with Felix.
Felix loved the attention.

Sweet Daisy

Maya and Max at the watering hole.

Max, overlooking the Rivanna River

Groot, post-adoption, now named Max.
He's doing great.

Another one of these pics because I really like it.
These are two great looking dogs, great hikers too.

Today, on a hike with Max, Sparky rolls in the grass.

There's nothing prettier than a
rottweiler in late day sun.

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