Monday, March 23, 2015

National Puppy Day

Felix would like to remind everyone that Monday was National Puppy Day.  Don't worry if you don't have a puppy yet, Felix is still available and every day is Puppy Day when you are a puppy.

I took Felix out for a fairly short walk with Maya this afternoon. We went down to the river and walked part of the dog park loop trail, something less than two miles.

Toquima (left) and Trooper (right)
Crossing one of the bridges on the trail. 
I drove home and dropped off Maya and Felix and picked up Toquima and Trooper. Those two walk very well together, but Toquima was more enthusiastic than Trooper. We did something over two miles making a total of four miles for me. 

Toquima is with us until April 1st.

Sparky starts every walk with a good roll in the grass.
After an early dinner, I loaded up Max and Sparky and we went out for another hike taking advantage of the longer days. Sparky hadn't been out in a while so he was very happy to go, and Max like Maya has come to expect a daily hike because I don't give either of them any dog yard time. We did another four miles.

Max just can't take a bad picture.

The front entrance to the restored house at Pleasant Grove.
Boxwood and magnolia, it doesn't get any more southern than that.

 There's an old millstone on a pedestal on the back side of the house. Sparky hopped right up on it and Max followed and they stayed there long enough for me to take a couple pictures.

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Risa said...

It's always National Puppy Day in our house too. Siegfried sends Felix some big tail wags.