Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Good Day

Daffodils out along our front fence.
Thursday was a beauty, really my kind of day. It was sunny and clear. The sky was blue. There was a bit of wind, but it wasn't idiot wind; just enough to be stimulating to the dogs without making them completely stupid. The temperature in the low 50s was perfect for hiking - cool enough to keep us moving without getting uncomfortably hot, and cool enough that we had the trails to ourselves in the late afternoon.
TJ really loves getting out to walk.

Maya and TJ are my standard walking pair these days. TJ may be old, but he is lithe and he's got some stamina. I had gone five miles with him in the past and it didn't seem to bother him. Today we hiked 7.5 miles, which should be enough to guarantee a good night's sleep for all of us. TJ loved it though, he's obviously relishing the freedom even if he is on a leash. Maya would walk to the ends of the earth with me just because it's what we do, but we had a couple deer sightings today, that makes it all worthwhile for her.

This clump of daffodils was out in the woods, down by
the river. I have to wonder how they got there.

That is a happy face.


Byron's mom said...

I love TJ's smile!!!

Anonymous said...

TJ looks like a sweet old guy. I hope that he lives out his life with you in peace and comfort.