Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Short Track Dogs

Maya, Sparky and Trooper
Several of the older dogs like to go out on hikes, but five miles is really too much for them, especially when we start heading into warmer weather. I'm talking about Trooper, Sparky, Gigi, and even TJ. I'm going to start doing shorter hikes with those dogs on a rotating basis and save the longer excursions for Maya, Theo, and Max. Today I did two, three mile walks. First with Maya, Sparky, and Trooper, and a second one later in the afternoon with Maya, Gigi, and TJ. That gets five dogs walked in a day and the short track dogs won't insist upon going every day. I think if I got them out twice a week they'd be happy. Maybe more often with TJ, who really does like to go. A four mile route would probably be just right for him.

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