Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Just a quickie

I've been working pretty steadily all day to make up for time lost yesterday due to the internet outage. No time for a hike, which was unfortunate because it was a really beautiful day. I did get three of the boys, Theo, Toquima, and Max, out to the pasture for a quick run and some ball playing late this afternoon. I also got the water tanks refilled and one of the kennels prepared for a couple new arrivals coming tomorrow. It looks like we've got one more glorious spring day on tap for Thursday before a return to winter-like weather this weekend and next week. This early taste of spring was nice while it lasted anyway.

That's Toquima having a drink; Theo walking away from the tank.

Toquima really commits to the water, stepping in to drink.

Max ran for the ball until he got one, then he goes
off by himself and chews it up.

Theo with two balls in his mouth. That's really his limit.

Toquima and Theo

Toquima is headed out to the front fence to see if the dogs
from across the road are out. Theo sticks to playing ball.
Max with ball

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