Sunday, March 26, 2017

Drogo: no mere dog

He came to Green Dogs last Thursday. I picked him up on Saturday. He's a love, absolutely adorable, and really well mannered. Good with dogs, came from a home with a baby, completely housetrained, five years old, neutered, and up to date on everything. Oh, and he's gorgeous. Tall, long, lean, hard, and handsome, worthy of the name Drogo in every respect. I don't believe in ear cropping, but damn, they did a nice job and it looks good on him.

I loved this guy before I even met him and he was everything he was said to be. I brought him home Saturday afternoon and he met everyone without problem. I had already contacted a friend who I thought might be interested in him, and he was. This was not just a friend, he is also a former Dane adopter, the current owner of my former foster, Diesel, another beautiful Great Dane.

Clay and Maya and I took Drogo out to meet Diesel's family on Sunday. Drogo stayed. He's been through a lot of changes in the past few days and it will take some adjustment, but he's a great dog and he's in a great home, so he's got a lot going on him.
Diesel, left, meets Drogo.

Drogo and the true head of the household.

The boys getting acquainted.


Diesel and Drogo

Drogo with his new pack.

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Byron's mom said...

What a gorgeous boy! He is your shortest foster ever!