Saturday, March 18, 2017

A walk before rain

I had a busy day on Saturday but I had to fit in a walk because I haven't for the past several days. We've had some beautiful walking weather, but I've been too busy with work and vet runs, so I was determined to do it today. It was Maya and TJ, as usual.
I think this must of have been a female dog urine mark
because it wasn't on a tree trunk and it got Maya's
attention much more than usual. Also, she lifted her
leg and marked over the spot. 

"Wait up, I need to sniff this."
I don't wait.
We could hear some thunder as the front approached and it
sprinkled on us a bit for the last half mile of the walk.

We had to pick up the pace towards the end
but we got in five miles before the rain hit.

In a few more weeks it will be hard to see the
river through the trees here.

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