Tuesday, March 14, 2017

No Snow Puppy Play

The predicted snowfall didn't happen, and I'm happy that it didn't. However, I was thinking that it would be fun to take pictures of the new shepherd pups playing in the snow. A snowy background would have been good for taking pictures of Alexander the Great (Alex), because black dogs are notoriously difficult to photograph.
Alex is a bit smaller and shyer than his brother
so he got a big name, Alexander the Great,
to give him something to strive for.

Late Monday afternoon, after feeding everyone, I let the Alex and his brother, Red Baron, into the dog yard with Toquima. The dog yard was wet enough that I didn't have Theo out there today because he just runs the fence line when he gets excited and makes himself a muddy mess. Consequently, except for some time with Trooper and Max, Toquima had been alone out there today.

The Red Baron doesn't look so red in this picture. I'll just
call him Baron anyway. I had a Baron years ago, beautiful
shepherd with a bobbed tail. 
Toquima is a former foster who boards here occasionally. He's recently received a therapy dog certification. The dog has one of the most solid temperaments of any dog I ever had. He's pretty much unflappable, or "bomb proof" as we like to refer to dogs and horses who don't spook and act stupid at every leaf that blows by. I figured that he'd be good with the pups and he was. He showed them around and then got them chasing him. A good time was had by all.

Toquima's got a great temperament for the young boys to
learn from and imitate, hopefully.

Baron was the first to learn to jump up onto
Playstation K9, but Alex did so later.

Baron is the more forward and assertive of the two. I have
to feed them separately to make sure Alex gets his food.

Alex is sweet and friendly.

The demodex on Alex's face is already looking a bit better.

Baron has some big ears.

Alex, coming around the corner.
Toquima, I would clone this dog if I could.

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