Sunday, March 5, 2017

Something for Everyone

Saturday I spent most of the useful part of the day hiking with Maya and three of the other dogs. On Sunday I felt obliged to do a little something for everyone.
Gigi was a little put out by the other dogs being
in her bed, along with me. It was cozy.

Trooper, Maya, Gigi and I snuggled in bed for a while this morning after breakfast. Then I went out to the pasture to play ball with Theo, Max, and Toquima.

Poor, long suffering Vince, doesn't get up on the
bed but he comes up close to set some attention.

That ball of fur is TJ, in what has become his
customary spot in the bedroom, right up against
my side of the bed.

Morning snuggle and TV time was popular this morning.

It was chilly, but a great morning for playing
ball in the pasture. Toquima (left) and Theo.
Left to right: Theo, Toquima, and Max

Toquima is not really a ball dog, but he joined in.

Toquima loves pasture time.

Max got into playing ball too. He was as close to normal as I've ever seen him out there today.
No tail chasing, no spinning and screaming, he just ran and played with the other boys.

I don't take Maya or TJ to the pasture, but they played with
each other inside.

Those teeth look serious, and Maya's fur was up, but it was
just play.

Trooper is sitting on the dog bed in the back, just watching.


Anonymous said...

Love these pics:-)

Anonymous said...

TJ is looking right at home. Nice to see. Great pictures