Thursday, March 23, 2017

Old Friends

We aren't short on dogs around here, but I've taken in three more this week. They aren't fosters though, so they don't really count. All three are former fosters who are back to board with us. Scarlett came on Tuesday. She's a senior girl and pretty easy, generally, but she's in heat and that has TJ all riled up although he was neutered a few weeks ago. Scarlett is a nice girl and gets along well with everyone, but she can be a bit demanding at times. I tell her to get in line behind Gigi, Maya, and Samantha (not necessarily in that order). The thing about female dogs is that they don't recognize other dogs' demands on my time and attention, just their own. I love them, but they are a constant reminder of how lucky I am to be gay.

Teddy, peaking out from behind the big
dog house. Teddy isn't fond of eye contact
or any contact from a stranger.

Cooper and Teddy came today. They are both former fosters who were adopted together. Teddy (the beagle) is special, and is very lucky to have Cooper as his best friend and protector. They will be with us for a few weeks. Scarlett is just here until next Wednesday.
Teddy and Cooper came with a couple of bones and found a
couple more in the kennel. They are occupying Sparky's
kennel since Sparky lives indoors now.
Cooper is just as sweet as he looks.

 Yesterday evening I got a series of text messages and photos from Jasso's adopter. He's been diagnosed with kidney disease but he loves the special diet that he's on now. His rear end is getting weaker but he's still getting around and loving life.

He still struggles with fungal infection and hair loss on his
underside, but he's sure grown a full, beautiful coat on top.

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Byron's mom said...

Love this post esp with the updates of former fosters. So happy that Jasso has a good home:-)!