Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Out with the old, in with the new

It was a rainy day and I didn't hike. I did, however, say goodbye to my old van, selling it to the CarMax dealership for a nominal sum that probably represents its scrap value. I found out in the process of replacing the title and registration that it was actually a 1998, not 2000, Toyota Sienna. With over 300,000 miles on it, I can't believe I could have sold it for much more, even though it was still running. That van never failed me, never left me stranded, and it transported hundreds of dogs from shelters to new homes over the years. If it was a person, I'd say it was a life well spent.

It was Clay's day off and he had to spend a couple hours at the DMV getting ownership documents replaced because our "filing system" at home is such that we couldn't find them. Afterwards, we had a celebratory lunch of sorts at Beer Run before coming home so I could get back to work. The line of thunderstorms passed through quickly when we were in town, but it rained off and on the rest of the afternoon so it wasn't a day for a hike.

This evening I took a picture of each of the 10 dogs currently residing in our house. Each of these dogs made the ride of freedom in that old van, and some have ridden in it many times since.
Maya undoubtedly rode in the van more than any other dog
since she accompanies me whenever possible. Doesn't she
look sweet and innocent when she's sleeping?
Sparky is loving the indoor life.

Vince keeps on ticking. He's hasn't slowed down yet.

Samantha next to Clay's chair in the front room.
Gigi on the bed under my desk.

Trooper hangs out with the Clay in the front room
in the evenings now. The stairs are getting harder
for him so he does them only when necessary.
Theo with a new nylabone. (Thanks, Cheryl!)

Toquima is with us until St. Patrick's Day or thereabouts.
He's always a pleasure to have around. He's low maintenance,
less trouble than most of our own dogs.
TJ is bonding to me and can be a butthead with a couple of the
other dogs on occasion. He's trying to figure out where he fits
into the pack hierarchy. He is my shadow in the house.

Max has learned how to cope with things around here pretty
well. He is even occasionally attentive.


Byron's mom said...

Love the pics of all the kiddos. I start my day with your blog and am so happy to see new entries and new photos:-)! Thank you for all that you do!

Anonymous said...

I start my day with your blog as well. They are such wonderful dogs, with unique personalities. Thank you for helping them.