Saturday, March 25, 2017

Another successful audition

Dogs don't know it, of course, but whenever we go on a meet and greet they are auditioning for the part of a lifetime, a starring role in a new home.

Dogs have no artifice, they are genuine; they don't act, they are just themselves and it generally works for them. Yesterday's meeting resulted in a prospective home for Baron. Today I took Alex to meet another family and he charmed his way into their hearts and home as well.

Alex has a nasty digestive problem, probably due to the medication I've been giving him for the demodex. I brought him back home with me today, but we should be able to get his guts back to normal operation in a few days. Baron is still with me until next weekend as well, so the brothers will have a little more time together before they go their separate ways.

I'm very happy with both prospective homes and they are both excited about the prospect of a new family member.
Checking out the new guy.

Alex will have a new pack to show him the ways
of his new home.

Resident dogs will do most of the really essential
training themselves. 
"Look kid, you're just a pup, I run this yard."

Alex is happy to play by the rules, once he learns them.

He will have a big, beautiful, and
well-fenced yard. 
He will add some youthful energy to the pack.

Playing ball was new for him but he caught on fast. Mostly he runs after
anything that's moving fast.

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Risa said...

mazel tov to all concerned. May Alex and Baron have long and happy lives with their new families.