Thursday, March 16, 2017

Just some pics

I've got a few miscellaneous pictures on my camera that I wanted to share before I lose them.

A view of Trooper up on Playstation K9 early one morning.
Maya and Trooper

Zoomed in to show Trooper standing guard in the morning sun.

Beautiful oak tree at Pleasant Grove where we hike.

This was Wednesday morning, I think.  That's Toquima in
front, and left to right in back is Baron, Theo, and Alex.
Toquima went back home Wednesday evening.

The pups have been much happier since I let them into the dog
yard with the big boys. 

These are just the dog beds out of the bedroom and kitchen.
I pulled them outside today for fresh air and vacuuming.

Alex got neutered today but he's not acting like
it bothered him at all this evening.

Alex is really a very sweet boy and much calmer when he's
away from his brother. 
The vet said that the demodex on his face is
looking much better.

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