Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Two Trios

My internet service was off all day (thanks, CenturyLink) so I have a full day's work to make up this evening before it goes out again. But since I had the day "off" I got in two hikes, both with three dogs, and both about three miles. It was cloudy, but warm, with rain predicted late in the afternoon. I should have started out early in the morning but I sat around hoping in vain that the Internet Gods would smile. Apparently he, she, it, or they were in more of a smiting mood today.

Maya, TJ, and Gigi made up the first trio. TJ likes to stop, sniff, and mark everything, although he's better about it now than he was on our first hikes. Maya does more of the stop and sniff stuff when she's with TJ than she does with other dogs. Gigi doesn't do any of that dog stuff, she just prances along, generally bringing up the rear.
She's so slender she's almost
two dimensional.

Maya and TJ wade in and have a drink. Gigi did not.

A particularly good picture of Maya, I thought.

TJ is probably close to his ideal weight now.
There are a lot of good pictures of Maya.

Maya and Trooper walk closer than most dogs
and they walk like this more often than not.
Sparky is getting older, but he's still
not showing much gray.
I came back home and tried the internet again, to no avail. For the second trio, I took Maya again (of course), plus Trooper and Sparky. Sparky doesn't have the stamina that he used to. He breathes hard like he's out of shape and I guess he is. Sparky is in semi-retirement mode, spending most of his days lounging around indoors in my office, which he shares with Max at night. He enjoyed going, but three miles was plenty for him. It's plenty for Trooper these days too. Vince and Samantha are the most senior dogs in the household, but Sparky and Trooper aren't that far behind. Gigi too, for that matter. Maya is the youngster of the household.

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In my next life, I want to be one of your dogs.