Sunday, March 12, 2017

An extra hour, an extra mile

I can't say that I accomplished much this weekend. I had to work on Saturday. Gigi had me up repeatedly during the night with some digestive problem so I didn't really sleep so well. We went out for brunch Sunday morning and that kind of killed my ambition for the day, as Bloody Mary's are known to do. I had a rare afternoon nap and finally got out for a hike. I was planning to do five miles, but with the extra hour of daylight, I decided to make it six. I walked off the food and drink, the stiffness in my butt, and my headache and felt much better when we finished.

Maya and TJ really are good walking companions. For about the first mile TJ is slowing us down with his desire to mark every tree we pass, but after that, he gets with the program pretty well. He still sniffs and marks quite a bit, but he does it less often and without stopping quite so long.

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