Thursday, March 30, 2017


Alex went to his new home today. They were anxious to have him. His poop was better if not yet perfectly normal. The demodex on his face looks like it's cleared up and I sent a couple doses of NexGuard along with him which should finish it off. His overall health has improved, he's gained weight, and should continue to do so.
I pay a lot of attention to how people touch and
handle their dog and I like this - it's a hug, but also
 a secure grasp. That's reassuring to the dog and to me.

There are two or three other dogs in his new home and a few kids as well, so he will be a busy pup. I think he will fit in well there.

He's going to be a really striking,  handsome shepherd when he's fully grown and has a new, healthy coat. He's a sweet boy, a good temperament for a shepherd. So many of the solid blacks I've seen or had in recent years have been inbred, high strung, and crazy, he seems to have none of that. He's fairly mellow and eager to please. With some training he will be a really great dog.

Here's a good view of the nose, where the worst
of the demodex and hair loss was. 

He's got the German Shepherd
coffee table clearing tail sweep.

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