Friday, March 24, 2017


I brought the pups out one at a time, starting with Baron.
He is pure puppy, playful and fearless. 
There is an adult female shepherd in this
home who appears in many of the pics.
I missed National Puppy Day by 24 hours, apparently, but they don't have access to Facebook so they will never know. I took the two Green Dogs shepherd pups, Alex and Baron, to meet a potential adopter today. We have another meeting tomorrow, and some other interested applicants, so I hope to have these two placed soon.

The girl was very welcoming, not bitchy at all, and wanted
to play right away. 

Only Baron's face is in focus in this picture. It was a cloudy
day so the light was poor and the dogs were constantly moving.

Baron played very appropriately.

He would certainly keep her exercised and active.

As I anticipated, Alex was a bit shy at first
and slower to shift into play mode.

He got the hang of it before long, however.

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