Sunday, March 19, 2017

Last day of winter

This last full day of winter was pretty typical of the entire winter - mild, partly cloudy, surprisingly nice.

It started off rather cool and cloudy, so we had some indoor play, but later I took Maya, Theo, and TJ out for a hike. The afternoon turned out really nice.

Maya was trying to play with Theo,
TJ wanted to play with Maya.

TJ, Maya, and Theo

Anytime you see TJ, he has a happy look on his face.

TJ has got a great tail.  I'm a bit jealous.

Walking three dogs required both hands most of the time,
so most of my pics are butt shots taken quickly.

All those ears are honed in on something.

Even from the rear, they are an impressive group of dogs.

That tail.

Down the trail we go. That is canine determination.

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