Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bees and Ball

Theo, Alex, and Baron
I'm happy to say that my bee hive survived the winter and seems to be a going concern. I've been seeing bees on flower weeds around the yard and have seen quite a bit of activity at the entrance on warm days, but today I went inside for a closer look.

But first it was ball playing time in the pasture with the two pups, Alex and Baron, along with Uncle Theo to show them how it's done. Neither of the pups has that much interest in the ball, but they loved running after Theo as he ran after the balls. Alex would pick up a ball if he came across one, but he quickly dropped it and just ran. The pups seemed to think it was more fun trying to get the balls out of Theo's mouth. He always carries two but he keeps a firm grip on them both and only dropped them once, surprising himself and both of the pups.

Theo and Baron
I had a new batch of tennis balls (used ones from Amazon). Any ball that Max gets a hold of gets destroyed and the mower takes a toll on them throughout the spring and summer, but I hope this will be enough to last until next fall.

I took the heaters out of the water tanks today so spring is official now, I hope it stays warm.

I got the dogs back in before suiting up and going into the bee hive. I rotated the two boxes, pulled out a few frames to check how full they were, and then added a third box on top. That's where my honey should come from this year. There's a queen excluder between the second and third box. They will have to lower two boxes for breeding purposes and storing their own food, and my honey should come from the top box(es). I can keep adding them as the colony grows.

Alex, Baron, and Theo

Alex is sweet, he was torn between running after Theo and
running up to me.  He did some of both.

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